My favorite drinking games drinking ludo and drinking golf

Ludo drinking game

Bring back all those loving childhood memories with a classic game of Ludo, however not as you know it!
Ludo takes care of the fantastic entertainment. The target of the game is to get all your pieces on the board by rolling a six, then going around the board until you get back to the starting point by taking turns to roll the dice. But watch out, if another gamer lands on your piece you must drink up the shot and come back to the starting area!
The only thing you have to do is placing the playing board on the table and fill up the shot glasses. The rest will go without saying. Drinking Ludo is good for everybody.
The Ludo Drinking Game with Shot Glasses gives an mature twist to this well-known board game, perfect for bringing out at parties.

A great game for 2-4 players, this shot drinking game but is strictly for grown ups!

Drinking golf game

Really worth it! It is so cute, I mean it even comes along with a little bag of real sand to put into the sand pit!
At the beginning, I thought it would not be a lot fun though, because I figured when you strike the small golf ball it will just keep rolling all over the place and never be able to come to a stop... I was wrong, the course is coated in velvet and the golf ball is a little steel ball, a bit smaller than a marble. It rolls so easily on the velvet and when it stops, it stays. It is also not as simple as it would appear, which makes it also more fun; if it had been as easy as it looks, you would get bored to death after playing with it for a while. The fact that it is a bit of a challenge keeps you interested. It also comes with a set of rules if you want to actually play a drinking game with it, which makes things quicker and easier than if you had to come up with your own.

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